I was ridiculously fortunate enough to be able to commission Nargyle at AX this year! Never thought I’d have this opportunity, but as soon as I found out she was gonna be there, I absolutely knew I had to see if she’d be willing to draw the Button Mashers! I knew she’d do an amazing job with them but when I picked it up I was pretty much speechless. I absolutely love how they turned out, all of their movement and colors and their expressions and shapes just AGWOIHGAJOIGHWF.

I felt so bad for asking for such a huge order because I know these girls can be pretty troublesome (also obviously 4 characters in color in a DYNAMIC POSE holy CRAPOLA), but I’m so so pleased and impressed and excited with how the whole thing turned out.

So if you’re out there, thank you SO MUCH Nargyle for being graciously diligent and for doing such a phenomenal piece with these characters! I love it!! Thanks for being so amazing and inspirational!


Last of the assets for Banzai Arcade! :D Cancero and Alistair! I just shaded, the other parts were done by my favorite ladies! Lines by the ever fabulous X and flats done thanks to the wonderful Lex! Thank you for doing your amazing work ladies and letting me have all the fun parts. 8””D

I got to meet the dudes behind Banzai Arcade in person and got a sneak peek at the way it works and SERIOUSLY guys what I saw wasn’t even fully done and it looked amazing and the games are gonna be SO FUN. Seriously GO CHECK IT OUT It’s gonna be a blast! There’s two panels, one Saturday and one Sunday, so seriously dudes attend it YEEEEAH. BD 



More assets I shaded for Banzai Arcade! Again, the awesome drawings were done by the amazing gal over here and Eorii did the flats so I can’t take credit for this coolness! 




First set of some art assets I shaded for the amazing X, who did the linework (with flats by Lex!), for Banzai Arcade’s upcoming panels at Fanime! :D Needed to bust these out quickly so I approached them with the idea of making them something that felt like Persona/Atlus game style art I guess. :D;;;

Sadly I won’t be at Fanime myself, but she will be, so go to the Banzai Arcade panels, have fun playing their game cause I hear it’s always a lot of fun every year, and tell them you love their new artist because X is a great artist and she deserves more love go love her! :3

WOO! Here’s the big haul! Thanks so much to Mowsette and Eorii for helping me get these done! Still got more to finish up! WOO LET’S GO GO GO! (Also you flatter me wtf omg >u>!) IF YOU’LL BE AT FANIME COME CHECK OUT BANZAI ARCADE! IT’LL BE A BLAST! 

Quick break from life for some overdue doodlin’


Took a break for once in our lives! Lol iScribble with eX and Mowsette tonight~ Doodling princesses and their Knight <3 Teehee

Left —> Right: MeeXMowsette

Formal wear! 

Got a few notes! So here’s an edit! 

YEAH STILL DOIN&#8217; THIS CRAP! It&#8217;s a little late today, I wanted to try posting earlier but today I&#8217;m a bit behind. GOT THINGS TO WORK ON! 

YEAH STILL DOIN’ THIS CRAP! It’s a little late today, I wanted to try posting earlier but today I’m a bit behind. GOT THINGS TO WORK ON! 

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