FINALLY got something for this chick.. Jesus. We were trying to get this up and running forEVER but I was having the hardest effing time. She goes with mowsette's character: 

More…Hopefully soon. |B; Mowsette helped me a LOT with her design. Now to move forward! 

My Kyuupapa, Baba and Mowsette have all inspired me to try and start animating again, and suggested I try doing the 51 Animation Exercise Challenge! So here’s the first one! Nice and easy start! 

Sorry about grabbin’ the unfinished scribble here, but I had to snag both! This was seriously a blast from the past… Ridiculous!! Still scribblin’ with Mowsette

Mowsette and I seriously had a marathon… I can’t believe how much I drew after all this downtime… This was a bit of a break of silliness and randoms, but I slipped one semi-serious one just to make this not just a silly post. =u=

More scribs with Mowsette! We started just trading at this point.. GOIN’ BACK IN TIME!~ 

Doodle of these two I did to try and get used to just.. DRAWING again.. =u=.. LET’S DO THIS

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Excuse the mess.


This is my sketchblog where I literally try to have something posted a day. So be prepared for unfinished doodles, or even a really crappy picture of my sketchbook from my phone.

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